TlC pet grooming in Palm Beach
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Service in Palm Beach

Dogs and cats like to think they can groom themselves sufficiently, but their human companions know that the occasional bath and trim is essential. If you need pet grooming in Palm Beach, Our services are here for you. Our professional groomers offer gentle care for your pet, whether they need a full groom or just a bath or quick nail trim.

Pet Grooming That's Easy On Your Pet

Unfortunately, the groomer isn’t any pet’s favorite place to visit. However, not all grooming salons are the same. Whether you choose grooming in our shop or mobile pet grooming services, we pamper your pet while they’re in our care.

Cats are given room to roam in our salon as they wait for their grooming rather than cramped in kennels. Similarly, our canine clients are treated with lots of attention and comfortable holding areas and provided with potty breaks as needed.

Our professional groomers have extensive experience working with cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes. For your pet’s safety and comfort, our grooming shop and mobile grooming van are regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Dog Grooming

Our dog grooming services are priced based on the size of your pup as well as the length of their coat. We provide full service grooming and a la carte services including toothbrushing, baths, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.

We can also provide flea bath treatment for an additional charge. All pets are inspected for fleas upon checking in for grooming. Learn more.

Cat Grooming

Just like TLC dog grooming, our cat grooming is priced based on the size and coat length of your pet. Coat condition will also be factored in with additional charges for matted coats.

Basic grooming includes a double shampoo bath, blow dry and brushing, and nail trimming. Premium cat grooming includes shaving in addition to basic grooming services. Learn more.

Mobile Pet Grooming

Pet parents rejoice! TLC grooming services are now available in our mobile pet grooming vans! We’ll come to you almost anywhere in Palm Beach and surrounding cities in Broward County for dog and cat grooming. Learn more.